The Benefits of Diesel

The Benefits of Diesel

When people hear the word “diesel”, they often think of commercial trucks lugging heavy things from place to place. This is because, for the most part, diesel engines used to be limited to larger vehicles.

Now, diesel engines have evolved and adapted to many different types of vehicles and equipment. Diesel power is rather underrated among regular car owners, as it comes with many surprising benefits.


While gasoline engines are prone to many problems over time, diesel engines have a long lifespan and don’t require repairs too often. Diesel engines burn fuel with compressed hot air instead of spark ignition, which saves drivers on repair costs and service time. Distributors and spark plugs don’t have to be looked at, and ignition tune-ups are rarely ever needed. An added bonus is diesel fuel’s low viscosity since it can lubricate the engine as it runs.


While vaporized diesel is extremely dangerous, diesel fuel’s flashpoint is known to be higher than that of gasoline. This lowers the chances of a fire hazard in the event of an accident. Direct heat isn’t safe for any engine when it’s prolonged, but diesel engines tend to be resistant to small sparks. To increase safety, it helps to use ultra-low sulfur fuels. Exhaust vents are good for reducing fumes in an enclosed space.

Fuel Economy

Diesel engines have a high compression rating, so they don’t require as much fuel as gas engines. Modern turbochargers, injectors and the FASS fuel air separation system give diesel engines even more power without needing as much fuel. Good fuel economy is beneficial in itself, but it also tends to lower road taxes for diesel vehicles. On top of this, truck drivers who need to get a lot of work done can drive greater distances without having to stop at the gas station as much.


Diesel vehicles don’t just have better horsepower much of the time, but they tend to accelerate and carry loads better due to their torque. The diesel engine is formulated to use high compression and burn through its fuel very slowly, which is helpful for semis, trucks, forklifts and other vehicles that have to lug heavy things. Driving uphill is also easier.

Some of diesel fuel’s benefits are specific to large commercial vehicles, but modern installments have added perks for vehicles of all types. Researching and preparing can help drivers get the most out of diesel. 

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