How Is Smoke Testing Done?

Many projects do smoke testing without a single person. Why is smoke testing necessary? First, it improves the reliability of the foundational code, allowing new builds to integrate with existing code and catch problems before they happen. Smoke testing also increases the efficiency of other testing stages. Automating smoke testing Automating smoke tests is an excellent way to reduce costs […]

7 Ways To Improve Your Truck’s Horsepower

You bought your pickup truck for its power and ability to haul heavy items. Now increase that strength by improving your truck’s horsepower. Horsepower defines how much power your truck engine needs to move a certain amount of weight during a certain time. By improving the way your engine runs, you can make your engine run faster and stronger. Here […]

4 Surprising Facts About E Waste

Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, is a growing concern for countries around the world. Fueled by our desire for new and exciting technology, old and obsolete cell phones, computers and television screens are quickly filling up landfills. Although the situation with excess electronic scrap and e-waste is becoming dire, there are many things you can do to limit its harmful impact. […]

The Benefits of Diesel

When people hear the word “diesel”, they often think of commercial trucks lugging heavy things from place to place. This is because, for the most part, diesel engines used to be limited to larger vehicles. Now, diesel engines have evolved and adapted to many different types of vehicles and equipment. Diesel power is rather underrated among regular car owners, as it comes […]

Building an Industrial Kitchen

The term Industrial Kitchen can refer to a variety of structures that are used for various commercial activities. These structures may include refrigerators, freezers, free-standing ovens, an industrial mixer or food preparation areas, washing machines, icemakers, water purification systems, garbage compactors and more. As one can clearly see these units are very important not only to the foodservice industry but […]

What Is CNC?

Computers came into their own in the second half of the 20th Century. Their applications are numerous and they have changed the way we work, play and live. Computers have revolutionized communication and how we share information. They have been a boon to education and allow us to do things faster and more precisely. One area in which computers have […]

Significance of Data Licensing

Your data may not be truly open if you lack a license. A license helps others to allow them to access, share and use your data. Your data will be available to the public if you fail to license it. However, users may not be allowed to use, share or access your data due to the database or copyright laws. […]

What To Do If You Are A Victim of Identity Theft

Identity theft is no joke. It destroys lives, reputations, and even companies every year. If you find that you are a victim of identity there are some things you can and should do to help mitigate the potential damages.  Make Some Calls One of the first things that you want to do is grab your phone and make a few […]