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Becoming the Neighborhood Friendly Dentist: 4 Ways To Gain Customer Trust and Ease

Becoming the Neighborhood Friendly Dentist: 4 Ways To Gain Customer Trust and Ease

A research study indicates that approximately 36% of the population fears the dental office. The concept of metal scraping the teeth and gums isn’t pleasant, leading much of society to avoid the location. Is it possible, though, for a dentist to change this mindset? Could a local office be known as a welcoming venue? There are ways to transform a dentist establishment into a friendly place. If you’re looking for a better local reputation, consider the following four things.

1. Advertise Your Anti-Anxiety Methods

Admit that some people are frightened of teeth cleaning, and battle back by showing the neighbors that you are prepared to make it calming and pain-free. Send pamphlets or advertisements discussing your methods for combating anxiety. Do you offer sedated dentistry? Will you numb gums before treatment to minimize discomfort? Do you buy dental handpieces that are gentler and quieter? Discussing the problem, acknowledging the stigma and offering support show you want your place to be different.

2. Hire Pleasant People

Human interactions could distill fear or promote it, so focus on hiring staff members who treat others kindly, gently and respectfully. The office staff should greet patients with smiles and avoid making them feel awkward or uncomfortable. In fact, conversational people work well in these roles as they begin discussions about life and family, minimizing any developing nerves.

Obtain hygienists who delicately clean but have a pleasant demeanor. They should not be aggressive in their movements or harsh in their comments.

3. Create a Soothing Space

Take time to think about the office decor. Is the waiting area painted in soothing colors? Consider light blues and greens that may set others at ease as they wait. Avoid harsh power colors like dark reds or oranges. Select pictures that are appealing. Nature images often have a calming effect on others. 

Play jazz or classical music in the background as the rhythm may bring down the anxiety levels of your waiting patients.

4. Offer Entertainment

Televisions are common within the dental world because they offer a needed distraction. After all, staring at the ceiling for an hour isn’t pleasant and may lead patients to ponder what is going on with their mouths. By focusing on a show, the attention is moved to something else.

It’s not just about cleaning teeth. People feel vulnerable in the dental chair, so the office should offer an enjoyable atmosphere. When patients feel good about the space, then they are likely to return and recommend, so focus on hiring nice people and providing ways to cut down on the nerves.

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