Methods of Carrying a Concealed Firearm

Methods of Carrying a Concealed Firearm

There is an amazing array of ways to conceal your firearm from public view. As concealed weapon permits become more popular, the choice of holsters has also expanded. 

Traditional Shoulder Harness

Beloved by police dramas, the shoulder harness is one of the most traditional forms of concealed carry holster. Many law enforcement agencies use this because it is easy to carry a weapon under a suit jacket or sports coat. The shoulder harness allows you to carry your weapon on your side just under your arm.

Concealed Carry Clothing

Although not exactly new, concealed carry clothing is an area that has expanded in recent years. Many of these fashions are geared toward women. You can find:

  • Concealed carry shorts
  • Concealed carry leggings
  • Concealed carry shirts
  • Concealed carry tank tops
  • Concealed carry underclothing

Many of these options come in both men’s and women’s styles and have a smooth, sleek look. Most are also available as compression gear.

Belly Bands

Belly bands are a great option for both men and women. They consist of a band that hooks around the stomach and is tucked into the waistband of your pants. You can carry in almost any position you want by adjusting the band. This is extremely popular for those who like loose-fitting shirts.

Belt Holsters

Belt holsters are also another easy way to carry. It is a holster that connects to your belt. Although with this style of carrying, you need to make sure you wear clothing that does not reveal your firearm. 

Compression Holsters

This type of holster is also known as a stealth holster and fits between your waistband and your pants. It is not hooked onto anything, so you will need to make sure that your clothing compresses the holster against your body. Many people who casually carry use this method. You can use compression holsters to carry at your back or in front for an appendix-style carry.

Ankle Holsters

Although popular for backup weapons, ankle holsters are often problematic for drawing your weapon quickly and without being noticed. These holsters only fit smaller firearms and are frequently used as a backup for traditional law enforcement weapons.

Other Methods

In the realm of concealed carry holsters, there are many other methods such as:

  • Thigh carry 
  • Interior thigh carry
  • Hip carry
  • Reversed mid-back carry

Each of these methods has its own holsters to help you keep your gun safe and secure.

No matter what method you choose, make sure that you are comfortable drawing and firing your firearm using it. Some methods of carrying are easier than others.

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