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Considerations to Make While Making a Room Addition

Considerations to Make While Making a Room Addition

Many homeowners usually consider adding a room to their homes as one of the best ways to expand and accommodate more family members. New additions will also increase your home’s property value. However, if not planned thoroughly or executed well, this addition may cause more problems than benefits. You can hire a room addition contractor for this purpose.

Before even beginning construction on a room addition, you must consider certain things:

  • Space is needed for the rooms, and the size is appropriate per local building codes and regulations;
  • There is enough sunlight coming into the house through windows or skylights;
  • Possible, safety hazards such as falling debris during construction;
  • Proper ventilation for both existing and additional rooms;
  • Cooling expenses are within budget or establishing separate systems for heating in each area before estimating construction.

When you begin to plan the addition, whether it is in the basement or any other part of your home, some factors need to be considered.


You have to get an estimate for this project to know how much money you will invest. The contractor must not charge more than 10% of the estimated cost for this type of service.


The next thing that is evaluated is if there are already two rooms in your house used for entertainment purposes since adding another one might deprive them of their normal use. If this is your case, perhaps the best option would be to create a recreational area with separate access or even outside where people can gather and enjoy themselves.


Another crucial element is the location to which you want to add a new room. If you have one, choose a place where it will not affect or create any inconvenience for other inhabitants in your house. The most suitable area would be the backyard because there will be no noise and it won’t block any access either. In addition, this part of your house is usually bigger without furniture. Therefore, more open space is available for this project. In case you don’t have an outdoor recreational area, then look for another place with a minimum number of obstacles, such as doors and stairs leading to different rooms. It would also be beneficial if this was located close to the entrance door, so people do not have to go through different rooms to enter or exit.


There are also some considerations regarding the shape of the room addition, if any. If this is your case, you should ask yourself how much space you need, since adding too many meters may not be the best option in the long run. You will have more than enough space if it is designed with straight lines and right angles. On the contrary, rounded shapes like almond or oval ones might look nice, but they can contain less area, which is good for your home. 


Another detail that must be considered is its height; in fact, it should not exceed 2/3 of that existing on your property. Otherwise, people may feel uncomfortable when trying to move through this new room since there will be a lot of shadows.

Now that you have made the most important decisions, it is time to start with the actual additional process. Firstly, hire a professional contractor with great references and an excellent reputation in this field to ensure that they can do their job properly and on time. Also, talk to people living close by and ask them for references; moreover, visit different websites since they show feedback from clients, allowing you to make an informed decision about your choice. Once everything is set, we invite some companies specialized in room additions that will provide more precise budgets depending on their services, such as demolition, carpentry work (if required), installation of insulation, drywall, paint, flooring, and electrical wiring.

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