Staying Positive: Improving Work Mentality

Staying Positive: Improving Work Mentality

When the body is strong, the mind may become clearer and more focused. Studies from the University of Michigan discuss the power of endorphins on attitude and performance. When people feel good, their body releases chemicals that could improve thoughts and behavior; however, stress may create a decline and increase illness. With this information in mind, management may want to consider implementing programs and policies that encourage healthy habits. The following are four ways to do just that!

1. Mental Breaks

The old phrase all work and no play may be true for the office as well as school. After all, a day of constant work could lead to tension and sadness. When employees are constantly bombarded, their brains wear down, unable to produce as much as possible. Try promoting reasonable break times. Don’t let people work through lunch. Encourage short walks outside or stops in a break room. 

2. Positive Climate

Negativity is thick and hard to break through; plus, it permeates throughout an office quickly. Are your staff constantly barking orders? Are they sarcastic, bitter or snarky? These are signs that they are feeling the pressure and seeing the negative.

Start a movement in which people get along, seeing each other’s benefits to the team. Managers could help get this going by providing thoughtful criticism paired with statements that indicate the staff’s strengths. Create collaborative teams, and allow for team-building activities.

3. Flexible Work Times 

Trust people to get their work done. Hovering and micromanaging establishes a sense of distrust and may elicit fear. Be reasonable, and allow for employees with good records to have flexible settings and times. This balance of a work-life blend may alleviate frustrations and help make work a welcome and not dreaded place. In fact, look for desks for home offices and permit a comfortable set up in the home, ready for days when someone needs a bit of quiet.

4. Healthy Snacks

What fuels the body could alter perceptions and energy levels. Stock the breakroom with tasty but healthy snacks. Ask for input from others. Focus on fruits that may last for a week. Put someone in charge of gathering waters and other treats. Try to avoid heavy sugars since they lead to a crash mid-day.

Work is vital to a company, but there are possible ways to promote productivity without becoming overly demanding or pushing people too much. Focus on giving people an upbeat, encouraging environment, and think about job flexibility.

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