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5 Commercial Landscaping Tips

5 Commercial Landscaping Tips

When you have your own business, it takes significant work to make the inside portion operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. Due to all of the busy tasks that managers must oversee indoors, sometimes it can be easy to overlook the need to address the outdoors. However, this is a big mistake because commercial landscaping matters.

Whether your trees need trimming, you are considering irrigation repair Kent or you want to completely change the landscape of your commercial property, there are a variety of experienced and reputable services available. Before hiring anyone to do the work, thinking about what you really want can pay off. For some inspiration, consider these five business landscaping tips. 

1. Conserve Water and Energy

With energy bills costing businesses thousands of dollars every year, one thing you may want to think about is finding ways to conserve water and energy through your landscaping efforts. For example, you could create a design that offers shade during summer of blocks harsh winter winds.

2. Complement the Architecture

Another commercial landscaping aspect to consider is how your landscape compares to your building’s architecture. Does it make the physical property look better or worse? Ideally, your landscape design should accentuate current architecture with inviting colors and pleasant textures. Working with beautiful plants can help with this. 

3. Invite Visitors To Engage With Your Business

How does your business’s landscape interact with guests? In the best situations, landscape designs should encourage visitors to linger or assist with guiding them along where they should go. Although there are many creative ways to achieve this, common approaches include the addition of benches, chairs, fountains and low-wall seating.  

4. Direct Traffic Flow

Speaking of guiding guests along, another way to step up your commercial landscaping game is by creating ways to direct traffic. By highlighting entrances and exits with trees or shrubs or lining walking with visually appealing stones or bricks, you can give your customers a more pleasant and practical experience while visiting your business. 

5. Send the Right Message

Your company has a brand and a message you want to send to customers. Why change that when it comes to your business’s landscape design? For example, if you wish to convey a message that is professional, fund, soothing, sustainable or forward thinking, that is something to consider when working with designers. Ideally, your landscape should start sending your message before customers even enter your business. 

With these landscaping tips in mind, you can make the outside of your business more attractive to current customers while inviting new ones.

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