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Hanging Your Sneeze Guards

Hanging Your Sneeze Guards

A lot of workplaces have taken to using hanging sneeze guards. After all, they don’t want to drill permanent holes in their expensive counters for a mounted one. They also don’t want to use one with a base since it will take up precious counter space. Therefore, they opt for the hanging option. 

The trick is to hang them so that they don’t look cheezy. Fortunately, this can be done anywhere, from airport shops to high-end restaurants. Here is how to hang your guards, so they look good. 

Attach the Wires to the Guards

The first thing you need to do is to figure out how heavy your plastic is and which cord material will work best for wires. Then, depending on the guard’s weight, you should choose the best way to connect your wires to the plastic. For example, if you have heavier plastic, you will need to drill through it and tie the wires to the guard, but if you have a lighter guard, you can use a banner hanger. 

Attach the Wires to the Ceiling

The next step is to attach the other end of the wires to the ceiling. The method of attachment you use will depend on what type of ceiling you have. The most common methods include magnet hooks, drop-ceiling clips, and drilling a hole for a hook. The easiest way to install these is with a telescoping extension pole. If you don’t have one of these, you can climb a ladder or use a lift. Fortunately, most attachments are available in kits with all the hardware necessary to set up your hooks. 

Adjust the Height and Make It Level

How you adjust the height and make your guard level depends on the adjuster you have installed. If you have a LoopLine adjuster, you’ll need to ensure the number of loops matches and that you have the right amount for the height that you want. If you’re using a cable adjuster or wire gripper, you’ll use that system to ensure the wires are the same length and sitting where you want. If you’re not using an adjuster, you’ll need to take the guard down, undo the end knots, adjust the rope to the right length, retie the knots, cut the excess wire, and rehang the guard. 

These guards have become important in a variety of stores. Follow these steps if you want to hang your guards and have them look good. 

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