Short-term Housing: Hotel vs. Apartment

Short-term Housing: Hotel vs. Apartment

Everyone needs a permanent home. But there are times when you need a place to stay in the short term. When on vacation or traveling this is certainly the case. You can check out sites like for promos and discounts on travel arrangements and accomodations! There are also other situations where this may be necessary. If your job involves frequent travel, perhaps sales, or a corporate executive, you may need a place to stay for several weeks or even months. Military personnel often need off-base housing for a brief time. Another situation that requires a temporary place to stay is if you having construction done on your home. The two most common options are a hotel or a short-term, furnished apartment. Each has its pros and cons.

Furnished Apartment

Renting furnished corporate apartments for longer stays has benefits. You will have a place that feels like a home. You can do some decoration with photos and mementos from your house. You’ll have a kitchen to cook your own meals and more privacy than is usually experienced in an extended-stay hotel. This can also save money on restaurants or take-out.

On the con side, most short-term rentals usually require a three or six-month lease. If your stay is a different length or if it’s indefinite, it can be difficult to find a place with a month-to-month lease. It is also generally more time-consuming to move in and out of a rental.

Extended-stay Hotel

Another option is to book a room in an extended-stay hotel. They usually have suites available with multiple bedrooms, a common area, and a small kitchen. Moving into a hotel and unpacking is easier than doing the same in an apartment. You will also have flexibility should your stay have to be extended. Room service is a nice option to have when you don’t feel like cooking or going out.

Hotels, however comfortable, do not afford the same level of privacy as an apartment. They also tend to be noisier,  with other guests close by. The kitchen area is usually smaller and there can be far less storage space. 

For people who routinely spend time away from home, a cozy, convenient place to stay is important. When choosing between a short-term rental or a hotel, take into consideration the length of your stay, whether it may change,  how much privacy you need, and what amenities are important to you. You want to be sure you choose the best possible home away from home.

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