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Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Family Law

Top Reasons to Choose a Career in Family Law

Choosing a career in family law can be a difficult decision to make. While many people believe that it is an easy and lucrative profession, building up your client base and taking on cases takes time. However, if you work hard enough, the payoff will be worth the initial investment of time and energy. 

Family Law Covers Everything Related to Legal Families

The law defines a family as two or more people related by birth, marriage, domestic partnership, civil union, or adoption. As a family lawyer, your time is spent helping clients with child custody and support issues, divorce proceedings for married couples, and matters involving domestic partnerships. A family law lawyer also handles adoptions, annulments, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, child abuse cases, emancipations, juvenile issues, assist with proving paternity, and the termination of parental rights.

Only a Family Law Lawyer Can Give Families Safety and Edge in Court

When families unite or tear apart, or other things threaten the family, each issue is unique and, in most cases, becomes emotionally draining for the client. Family law can be confusing and challenging to the untrained novice. As a family lawyer, you can step in and make sure they’re getting all the facts that exist appropriately heard by the court, that documents are filled out correctly to prevent delays, and present positionings to help retain as much of a healthy family bond after the matter settles. This allows them peace of mind in knowing these complex matters are shouldered.

Family Law Lawyers Can Make a Healthy Wage

The standard range a family lawyer makes annually ranges from $45,000-$219,000 a year. Additional bonuses based on performance or tenure in the office can push this figure higher to as high as 300k+ after ten years of experience practicing law; however, these figures vary significantly from location to location. It’s best to find out if the position you’re seeking is a junior associate in a law firm, a truly self-employed status striking out on your own from moment one, or whether you’ll be employed by a non-profit or by a county as a public defender.

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If you’re a compassionate individual looking for ways to help people with their problems, then a career in family law might be the perfect career path for you. Family law deals with a variety of issues related to children and adults alike. Whether it’s divorce or adoption, there are opportunities in this field that will let your skills shine. Choosing family law as your profession can give you peace of mind, knowing that what you do has positively impacted someone else’s life.

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